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Professional Quantity Surveying From A Practice That Cares

Quantity Surveying

Klein Consult can provide quantity surveying services to contractors and sub-contractors that involve providing quantities for estimating purposes or on-site quantity surveying services designed to ensure that:

– Contracts & Sub-contracts are correctly valued.
– Variations & Compensation events are notified in accordance with the contract, recorded and properly accounted for in interim evaluations
– Delays and extensions of time are appropriately requested.
– All internal valuing, costing and forecasting requirements are fulfilled

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Klein Consult is committed in working towards ensuring that contracts and/or sub contracts obtain the optimum return sought by the client’s management and are therefore successful. Klein Consult are familiar with the vast majority of the building and civil engineering forms of contract as well as both main contractors’ bespoke forms of sub contract in addition to the standard sub contract forms and has provided this service on contracts varying from £1 Million to £55 Million.