Who we are - Klein Consult Ltd

Howard Klein, founder of Klein Consult, has been the go-to resource for construction professionals looking for help with contractual disputes and payments for more than 30 years. It means that Klein Consult is now widely regarded as the go to resource to advise clients as to the most appropriate form of contract, or sub-contract for their needs. Howard Klein is also a Chartered Arbitrator and accredited Adjudicator and is included on a number of institutional lists.

Howard Klein specialises in providing legal, commercial and technical expert support to the construction and engineering industry.

Klein Consult has assisted it’s clients to resolve disputes under English, Scottish and Northern Irish Law and also under the German and Swiss Civil Codes as well as New York Law.

Klein Consult can in addition provide quantity surveying services to contractors and sub-contractors that involve providing quantities for estimating purposes or on-site quantity surveying services.