Professional Quantity Surveying From A Practice That Cares

Klein Consult can provide quantity surveying services to contractors and sub-contractors that involve providing quantities for estimating purposes or on-site quantity surveying services

Pre-Contract Services

With over 30 years experience, Klein Consult is ideally positioned to advise it’s clients as to the most appropriate form of contract, or sub-contract for their needs.

As a result of this, Klein Consult can give advice and guidance to ensure that the optimum terms and conditions are agreed, in both contracts and sub-contracts, ensuring that unreasonable burdens are not placed upon parties that are unable to control or bear the financial consequences of their obligations. This enhances relationships between contracting parties, essential in ensuring that all work together to optimise profitability.

Klein Consult can also advise upon the obligations that are incumbent upon stated terms and conditions and assist in negotiating to ensure that unreasonable or onerous clauses are highlighted prior to entering into contracts and sub-contracts with employers and/or main contractors or sub-contractors.

The company can also evaluate if the scope of the performance is appropriate, along with examining the appropriateness and commercial benefits of risk placement, which may not be achieved by just risk dumping.

Contractual Advice

Of course, the best contractual advice is usually given before contracts are entered into and in this respect Klein Consult is prepared to assist in negotiations in finalising the terms and conditions of a potential contract or sub-contract and ensuring that, as far as possible, the client’s contractual and commercial risks are optimised.

However, sometimes events occur which are not necessarily foreseen. In these cases Klein Consult are able to consider the terms and conditions of the contract, the events that have occurred and the evidence required and to support any ensuing claims, negotiations etc.

Klein Consult can provide advice and assistance in negotiating variations, extensions of time, loss and expense, claims, etc, under the terms and conditions of the contract or sub-contract.

Klein Consult will also advise on the records and evidence that has to be gathered in case the negotiations fail and formal proceedings have to be commenced to support the client’s position, such as Adjudication, Mediation, Arbitration, etc.

Contractual advice can be in relation to terms and conditions, either in well known published forms of contract or sub-contract, or bespoke terms and conditions from an employer, main contractor or sub-contractor specifically compiled for a unique one-off contract or sub-contract.